A Guide for Upcoming IPOs with Their Prices

Before delving deeper, you must understand the concept of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) in India. IPOs are meant for companies wanting to become public entities. Whenever a private company becomes public in India, it launches an IPO. An IPOs marks the final transition of a private company into a public entity. IPOs allow companies to distribute their shares to investors and become public. With an IPO announcement, a public company launches its shares for the first time to everyone.

Institutional investors tend to keep a check on upcoming IPOs. Since they cannot miss opportunities, they keep themselves updated with every news. Retail investors are also interested in IPOs, as they can get shares of profitable companies. One must apply for an IPO in advance via a trading platform. You can apply for shares in an upcoming IPO at a base or bid price. However, you must know about future IPOs to submit applications timely.

List of Upcoming IPOs with Price

Here is a list of upcoming IPOs in 2023 with offer prices:

  • Cyient DLM – INR 250 to 265
  • Senco Gold – INR 301 to 317
  • Utkarsh Small Finance Bank – To be decided
  • Ahasolar Technologies – INR 157
  • Kaka Industries – INR 55 to 58
  • Drone Destination – INR 62 to 65
  • AccelerateBS – INR 90
  • Alphalogic Industries – INR 96

These are a few IPOs arriving in July 2023 and other months of the year. To know other details related to an IPO, you must rely on a trading platform. To research and invest in IPOs, you need a trading account and a platform. Religare Broking can allow you to open a trading account for free and search for future IPOs. You can also read business news to know about the approved IPOs by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Let us now understand different terms related to IPOs.

Terminology Related to IPOs

Now that you have understood where to find future IPOs in India, it is essential to know the common terms. Here are a few IPOs terms you must know:

  • Prospectus: Companies must submit the red herring prospectus with SEBI to get approved for an IPO. Once it is approved, companies submit a final prospectus, including the company’s financial performance, offerings, and other details. Investors must refer to the prospectus to know more about the company before buying its shares.
  • Offer Price: Every company circulates an offer or issue price for an IPO. Companies find the right price for each share after rigorous evaluation. The price at which a single share is available in the IPO is called the offer price.
  • Listing and Close Date: You must submit your IPO applications before the closing date for an IPO. The listing date is the first day for an IPO.
  • Holding Period: It is the mandatory duration for holding the shares bought in the IPO.
  • Allotment: It is the process of offering shares to investors who have applied for the IPO.

In a Nutshell

Investing in IPOs can help buy shares of influential or fast-growing companies. However, investors must be familiar with the upcoming IPOs to make better strategies. Religare Broking can help you with an advanced investment platform to keep track of current and upcoming IPOs. Research and invest in IPOs now!

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