Fingerprint Door Handle: Combining Style and Bio metric Security

In a world with many security concerns, homeowners need a solution to protect their homes and valuables. Previously, a traditional lock and key may have been a good solution, but not anymore. A fingerprint door handle lock is a type of intelligent lock with which one does not have to have a key or a magnetic card while enterign locked premises, as the person trying to gain access is presented a registered biometric fingerprint. The lock utilises anelectronic locking system to gain access.

Fingerprint door handles are convenient, easy to install and allow a keyless entry. You can choose from various stylish and versatile designs that match your preference. Enjoy a door design that combines style and security in your home from matte black to copper finishes.

Read on and discover why you can revolutionise your access control while enhancing the overall appeal of your door.

What are Fingerprint Door Handles?

It is a biometric electronic door lock powered using a battery. Since it is a keyless entry system, you don’t need keys to enter your home. All you need to do is use your fingerprints. The locks provide your room with an added layer of security without alerting people. The locks are ideal for inner doors in your private space.

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Benefits of Fingerprint Door Handle

High Security

You cannot compare traditional access methods with biometric security on your door. The risk of losing keys or a thief replicating your keys is no longer a concern. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and hard to forge. The fingerprint door lock will require your registered fingerprints to open to provide security for your home and valuables, as only authorised persons can enter. Forget the keys that intruders can easily forge and install this high-tech door handle.


The fingerprint door lock is perfect if you are looking for an easy and convenient lifestyle. You do not need to carry any key to access your home. Scan your fingerprint at the door. It only takes a few seconds to unlock your biometric door handle.

Keyless Entry

Remember the hassle of looking for a lost key or looking for someone to break the lock? It is an inconvenience and a security risk to use traditional keys. With a fingerprint door handle, you no longer need keys to access your home, providing a reliable and keyless access solution.

Easy to Install

If you are in a rental property, installing the biometric door handle and uninstalling it when you vacate is easy. You do not need to worry about the extra expense of buying a new one. This feature makes it a reasonable investment for homeowners.

Reasonable Price

For an efficient and visually appealing door handle, you can get the bio metric door handle at an affordable price. Though some brands may be more expensive, there are high-quality door handles at a reasonable price. The digital lock for the main door price depends on the brand and material used to design it.

Stylish Designs of Fingerprint Door Handles

Fingerprint door handle locks come in different styles and finishes to cater to architectural designs. You can decide to settle for a variety of finishes including:

  • Rose Gold: The Rose Gold Door Handle Lock is crafted to provide your doors a sturdy and sleek look. The door handle set adds the right touch of aesthetics to your interiors. The high-quality material used in it ensures durability and longevity, in order to let you enjoy your new door handle for years to come. his is best suited for main doors, internal doors, inter-connecting doors of residences and commercial buildings.
  • Matt Black: If you want to add a luxurious element to your modern home, a matt black biometric door handle is versatile and adds a powerful statement. Additionally, it goes well with natural wood and neutral-painted doors.
  • Champagne Gold: This finish can register up to 99 nique PINs. Users have to save a password of 4 to 9 digits for enhances password strength. There is a mechanical key available with this type of finish, which can be used to open the lock in case of an emergency. The biggest feature of this lock is its anti-prank alarm system, which goes off once 3 failed attempts have been made to open the lock, because of which the lock stops functioning fro 3 minutes.

Fingerprint door handles are stylish and also enhance the security of your home. Long gone is the traditional key and lock, which can be easily stolen or replicated. Fingerprint door handle locks are convenient, easy to install, and reasonably priced.

They blend easily with home designs, from rustic to modern interiors. You can settle for copper, satin finish, and matt black designs, all while enhancing security in your home. You can choose from various fingerprint door handles that embrace style and bio metric security in your home.

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