From Flames to Safety: How Fire-retardant Plywood Self-Extinguishes in the Absence of Fire Source

CenturyPly is a well-known brand for laminate sheets, plyboard sheets, PVC boards, and other items. They are known for their innovative technology. One of the major concerns related to the safety of houses is fire accidents. Since wood is prone to fire, they catch fire easily, causing havoc and destruction of human lives and property.

Recently, they launched Fire-retardant technology in their plyboard sheets to make your home safe and comfortable. In unforeseen events of fire accidents, fire-retardant technology in plyboard sheets provides time for you and your family members to evacuate the place.

This article will talk about the various benefits of fire-retardant technology launched by CenturyPly.

How Does Fire-retardant Plywood Self-Extinguish in the absence of a Fire Source?

The biggest advantage that sheets provide to customers is their ability to self-extinguish in the absence of a fire source. This is achieved through the presence of non-engineered particles present in them. When these plyboard sheets undergo extreme temperatures, they experience a chemical reaction that releases gases that have low flame properties. These gases create a barrier that reduces the penetration of fire.

Since the penetration of fire is reduced, it provides enough time for you and your loved ones to evacuate and reach a safer spot.

Other Long-term Benefits of Plyboard Sheets with Fire-retardant 

There are other benefits that fire-retardant technology provides to its customers. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Low Flammability 

Flammability is defined as the rate at which fire spreads in the environment. The low flammability of products increases the time for the fire to spread. Fire-retardant technology was manufactured to have the lowest flammability to reduce the rate of fire spread, thus, giving ample time for the process of evacuation to take place.

It takes around 35 minutes for fire-retardant plywood for flames to spread, while normal plyboard sheets will catch and spread the fire easily. Thus, fire-retardant technology is much more effective in events of fire accidents.

Waterproof and Weather Resistant 

When you buy CenturyPly’s ply board sheets, fire-retardant technology is not the only benefit that you receive. Moreover, these plywood sheets are waterproof and do not get damaged due to the presence of water and moisture in the atmosphere. They were designed to tolerate extreme weather resistance to keep your furniture safe. Your furniture continues to provide you with the same strength for years.

Slow Penetration of Fire 

One of the major concerns related to fire accidents is its ability to penetrate easily. It is important to stop the penetration of fire easily to reduce the damages caused by fire. One of the ways of doing this is to install fire-retardant technology in your home.

Low Generation of Smoke 

The smoke generated during fire accidents contains lots of harmful and toxic chemicals which spread into the environment, making the air polluted. However, the presence of fire-retardant technology in your plywood reduces the emission of harmful gases lowering the chances of suffocation.

Protection of Hardware Elements 

Fire-retardant technology absorbs little to no moisture from the environment making your hardware elements and furniture safe. The hardware elements will not corrode due to moisture, thus, will remain safe. Additionally, there will be no sign of delamination of piles.

In a Nutshell 

It is important to understand that fire-retardant technology reduces the penetration of fire, allowing you time to leave the place at the earliest, and does not prevent the causing of fire. It is not completely fire-proof. It is important to follow all the fire-safety protocols.

Install CenturyPly’s plywood sheets in your home to deal with fire accidents. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to know more!

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