How to Collect Customer Reviews on WhatsApp?

Customer reviews on WhatsApp can play a brutal role in both businesses as well and customers’ purchasing activities. There are many customers who feel confident while purchasing goods or services from a specific business when they find positive reviews about that product.

In terms of businesses also positive customer review is a powerful marketing tool as it increases the perception of the businesses and increases brand awareness. It is important to understand customer reviews so that businesses can use them to leverage their marketing strategies. 

When we talk about collecting customer reviews on WhatsApp, it can be considered a powerful marketing tool as well. There are more than 5 million businesses in the world that use WhatsApp business as a part of their customer service system.

The reason for this high stat is that there are more than 2.7 billion users of WhatsApp in the whole worldwide. So with such a heavy user base, it is obvious that businesses put themselves in a place where their customers spend most of their time.

Additionally, this is a simple approach that connects with the customers easily, eliminating the hassle of emails, or traditional texting methods to reach out to customers. 

Today in this article I will tell you each and every single detail about collecting customer reviews on WhatsApp. A proper guide that you are looking for, so let’s get started. 

What are Customer Reviews? 

Customer reviews can be termed a personal point of view of customers that they write about the business, their products, and services. There are many people who read these reviews to learn more about the business or its products and services before making a purchase. 

There are many online reviews that have a ranking system for reviewing the businesses. Like star ratings for customers to review quickly which business is relevant for their use.

If a potential customer sees good reviews and star ratings on specific businesses for purchasing their products and services there are more chances of that specific business to convert that potential customer into a significant lead. As they are more likely to feel confident about making purchases from that brand.  

There are many reasons why customer reviews can be considered an important part of business growth such as;

  • Reputation or goodwill

Customer reviews can affect the company’s growth in positive and negative ways. Positive customer reviews can increase a business’s credibility and leave a good impression on potential customers. Good reviews allow the customers to trust the business and make purchases through them because they know others have a good experience in doing so.

  •  Customer engagement

A positive review about a business can give surety to customers in some aspect to get engaged with them. This engagement is important for those customers who want to write reviews for those products and services are someone who feel connected to the brand or have relevant information about them to be shared with other people.

  • Business improvement

Another reason why customer reviews are important is they businesses in improving themselves. Positive customer reviews increase brand value and customer engagement on the other hand negative customer reviews helps business in improving it and make their weak part strong.

  • Brand awareness

It’s important to have customer reviews as it increases the business’s brand awareness. When customers share reviews online, businesses can share them on their website or in advertisements that target specific customers.

Why WhatsApp for Collecting Customer Reviews? 

WhatsApp is the best platform for collecting customer reviews because of the following reasons-

  • Large user base.
  • Highly interactive. 

1. Large user base 

Since after January 2021, WhatsApp,s daily users have probably increased by approximately 4%. Currently, WhatsApp has about more than 2.7 billion active users. From a particular perspective, it is about 30% of the entire human population. 

WhatsApp is the third most used application after YouTube and Facebook respectively. 

This means that most of the people are familiar with this platform and are more comfortable in giving feedback on this platform. In fact, according to a survey, 68% of people agree that WhatsApp is the most convenient and easiest method to connect with business. 

Additionally, because WhatsApp is a widely used platform, users are more likely to respond fast as compared to other traditional methods like emails or calls.  Most businesses report a 99% open rate and a 40% response rate on their messages.

2. Highly interactive

The best part about WhatsApp is its instant messaging feature. With this feature of WhatsApp users can easily send messages, make video and audio calls and share files with each other in real time. This means that user can communicate with each other in real-time effectively and efficiently in spite of their location and time zone. 

For better understanding, WhatsApp users send about 100 billion messages and about 2 billion minutes on voice and video calls. This huge amount shows the level of interactivity among users. According to the head of WhatsApp, there are about 175 billion people on WhatsApp who messages business account each day. 

All these when done properly increases customer satisfaction, and loyalty as all of this makes customer feels that are heard and acted upon. 

How to Collect Customer Reviews on WhatsApp? 

1. Establish a WhatsApp Business account. 

Ideally, you should create a WhatsApp Business account rather than a regular WhatsApp account.

In order to ease communication between small- to medium-sized enterprises and their clients, WhatsApp Business is an addition to your “normal WhatsApp” account. 

Here’s how to set up it: 

  1. Install the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  2. Read the terms of service when opening the application.
  3. Choose your nation from the drop-down menu.
  4. Next to the corresponding country code, enter your phone number.
  5. touch “Done,” then touch “OK,” and WhatsApp will contact you by phone or SMS with 
  6. 6-digit verification code to confirm the phone number.
  7. Upon success, WhatsApp will ask for authorization to access your contacts and photographs. Press “Allow.”
  8. Create an account by adding your name and business details. 

Some of the WhatsApp features are:

Business profile: You may include details like your name, address, email, logos, profile photographs, website, and a brief summary of your company’s services in the business profile area. This information enables clients to recognize your company whenever they contact you.

Quick answers: Using this tool, you may use previously saved responses to react to frequently requested queries. For instance, you may make a rapid reply that automatically answers with your business’s accessible hours if you regularly get messages asking about your opening hours. 

Labels: For simpler management, this feature allows you to group customer communications and contacts. For instance, you might make labels like “Pending Orders” or “New Customers” and apply them to particular contacts and conversations. You may use this to keep track of orders, client questions, and other crucial data. 

Catalogs: Using this function, you may provide customers with a glimpse of your goods or services when they visit your profile. 500 items maximum in each catalogue, each with a price, product code, website link, and description. Customers may go through this Catalog and place orders right from the website.

2. Build a customer list

Building your client list after setting up your company account involves adding customers’ phone numbers to your contacts list.

It’s crucial to remember that you should only include clients who are allowed to receive messages from your company. 

Several methods exist for doing this:

By including a WhatsApp button on your website, email signature, and social networking pages, you make it simple for current, past, and prospective clients to contact you. It builds a connection between them, making it simple to request feedback later.

Sending an email or SMS to consumers inviting them to join your WhatsApp list: For clients who have already interacted with your firm, this may be quite beneficial.

Transferring data between your WhatsApp and CRM: Depending on the data gathering records in your CRM, certain customer records, including phone numbers and names, may be included. You may import contacts straight into your WhatsApp contact list from that database. 

3. Create a broadcast list for feedback requests.

With a personal touch (so it doesn’t appear like spamming), this broadcast is just sending mass requests to all of the customers who have consented to submit feedback.

The following is how to make a broadcast list:

  • Launch WhatsApp and select the Chats tab. 
  • In the upper left corner, click the “Broadcast Lists” button. 
  • Select “New List” and then include the clients you want in the list. 
  • Give the list a name and select “Create.”
  • Return to your Chats tab and choose the broadcast list you just made after it has been generated. 
  • Send a message to the mailing list asking for input. 

4. Send personalised messages to customers

It’s great that you want to send a broadcast message to your consumers and that you have your broadcast list. 

But first, wait for a moment! Make the message unique first.

Your target audience is probably a straightforward WhatsApp user who belongs to several groups and has many friends; as a result, they get hundreds of messages per day. 

To get a reaction, you must make sure your WhatsApp bulk message is unique. 

Personalizing the message with elements like the client’s name, the company’s name, the service or product supplied, and other crucial information would be a fantastic strategy. 

Additionally, make sure this message is clear, focused, and direct. Never let your clients wait around. 

5 template messages for collecting customer feedback on WhatsApp 

The first part of the fight is setting up your WhatsApp Business profile with all the required information. When requesting feedback, you need to know how to write the ideal broadcast message. 

Here are seven templates to help you get started so you don’t have to spend all your time trying to figure out how to write the perfect message: 

  • Enhancing customer experience

 The purpose of this request for input is to enhance the general customer experience, and it asks the customer to contribute their ideas in order to do so. 

Customers who have just recently used your services are the greatest candidates for this kind of feedback request.

Hello, “customer_name”

We appreciate you selecting business_name as the supplier of your product_name.

Recently, you got in touch with our customer support to sort out a problem.

Do you mind sharing your experience with us?

Any comments you have on how we may make your next experience better are welcome.

I appreciate your time.

Best, {{csmanager}}

  • Satisfaction checkin

An inquiry for consumer feedback about their post-purchase experience is a satisfaction check-in message. This is to determine whether or not they are happy with the goods.

Hello, “customer_name”

We appreciate your decision to collaborate with us at “business_name.”

Please let us know what you think of our most recent project so we can make sure we continue to live up to your standards.

How satisfied are you with [service_name] on a scale of 1 to 10?

I appreciate your time and advice.

Best, {{csmanager}}

  • Purchase experience 

Customers are asked to respond to this letter with feedback on their experiences purchasing your products, including the simplicity of the ordering procedure, the usability of the website, and the payment process.

Hello, “customer_name”

We appreciate your business and your purchase from business_name.

I hope your purchase is enjoyable for you.

Your feedback on your shopping with us experience would be greatly appreciated.

Did you run into any problems with the checkout or delivery? Or was it a simple and uncomplicated process?

We’ll use your comments to make your next purchase more enjoyable.

I appreciate your time.

Best, {{csmanager}}

  • Brand feedback 

This message is to gauge how devoted, aware of, and reputable your customers are toward your brand.

Hello, “customer_name”

It has been a joy working with you as a client.

We value each and every purchase you make as a support for our company.

We want to hear your opinions on a few areas because we want to strengthen our brand so that we can better serve you: Are we providing the level of quality and service that you expect? Do you have enough faith in our company to tell your relatives and friends about it?

Your comments will be extremely helpful to us as we develop our brand.

I appreciate your time.

Best, {{csmanager}}

  • Price Feedback 

 Customers are asked to respond to this message with their thoughts on your product’s pricing, including whether they think it is reasonable, competitive, or too high.

Hello, “customer_name”

We appreciate your business at “business_name” and hope our goods live up to your expectations.

We’re re-evaluating our price, and we want to know what you think:

Are our rates reasonable and competitive in your opinion? Do you believe any things to be priced too high or too low?

Hopefully, I will speak with you soon.

I appreciate your time.

Best, {{csmanager}}


In conclusion, we can state that getting customer reviews on WhatsApp can be considered an important part of any business. With these customer reviews businesses can get details about their brand awareness.

Collecting reviews on WhatsApp can be done by establishing a WhatsApp account, building a customer list, creating a broadcast list for feedback requests, and then sending personalised messages to the customers. All of these steps help in collecting reviews on WhatsApp.

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