IPLCinema : IPL 2024 – A World Record For Live Streaming

JioCinema reached an unprecedented 32 million concurrent viewers for IPL 2023’s final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans – setting an all-time live streaming event record!. Your favorite IPL stars are ready to shine in today’s Today IPL match. Watch LIVE on!

India boasts 800 million mobile phone users with some of the lowest data costs worldwide; JioCinema takes full advantage of this by offering IPL matches free-of-charge.

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MS Dhoni embodies calm confidence when making his moves in IPL this season, like an expert chess grandmaster. Media Partners Asia predicts digital ad sales will surpass TV ad sales for the first time this year according to their report.

JioCinema broke a world record for concurrent livestreamed events with 32 million peak viewers during its broadcast of the 2023 IPL final broadcast by JioCinema, setting an unrivalled viewer engagement experience spanning 17 simultaneous feeds and multiple camera angles – giving audiences unparalleled control on TV.

By IPL’s end, the company aims to reach 500 million viewers on its OTT platform and compete effectively with global giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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Indian Premier League 16 kicked off on March 31st to immense fan excitement and is already shaping India’s digital streaming landscape; Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio secured live streaming rights via their JioCinema OTT platform for live viewing of this year’s tournament. From politics to auto, sports to culture, Pioneer EPaper brings you all the news along with insightful columns on cars, cricket, travel and finance everyday. Your morning cheat sheet!

JioCinema claims their IPL broadcast has broken global records and ushering in a new era for sports viewing, reaching over 32 million concurrent viewers during its peak concurrency during rain-affected IPL final match.

Some JioCinema app users were unhappy about its crashing and other issues during the opening weekend of IPL, offered by Viacom18’s JioCinema app. Viacom18 is targeting 800 million smartphone users in India who enjoy some of the lowest data costs globally; advertisers want to capitalize on this enormous opportunity.

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Cricket is one of the world’s most beloved sports events, making its broadcast rights an essential asset. Reliance Jio’s OTT platform JioCinema is making this year’s cricket event available free of charge – an initiative sure to increase viewership and spark excitement amongst audiences worldwide.

JioCinema set a record number of concurrent viewers during the opening weekend of IPL 2023 and time spent streaming live video has increased by over 60% compared to last year. Their lead campaign features friends gathering around in a sweetmeat shop to watch IPL matches on mobile devices in an amusing satire of appointment viewing and the redundancy of traditional television – the spot has since been released in 11 languages.

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At sports events, taking a selfie with teammates is an integral part of showing support and commemorating team victory. Furthermore, it provides an invaluable way to build connections amongst participants and other spectators alike.

JioCinema is betting big on their IPL 2023 digital streaming rights by offering fan-centric features that allow viewers to control when and how they watch each match. They have even unveiled an aggressive campaign with MS Dhoni to redefine consumer expectations of how IPL will be watched this season.

Analysts agree that Jio’s free IPL offering could undermine SVOD platforms like Hotstar and Disney+ in India’s markets with limited fast Internet reach, expensive data charges and lower smartphone penetration than TV sets. They anticipate it also having an adverse impact on Star’s advertising sales which has already cost Rs 23,575 crore for rights.

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Reliance Jio’s JioCinema has quickly gained attention since winning IPL 2023 digital streaming rights, seeing record viewership with average time spent per match reaching an unprecedented 57 minutes on average.

The company has been taking advantage of its distinctive offerings such as 4K streaming, multi-cam mode, stadium-like experience, multiple feeds and commentary in 12 languages to enhance viewer engagement and has launched the campaign “Digital India Ka Digital TATA IPL”, featuring MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav as ambassadors.

Reliance Industries is creating a device called Jio Media Cable that will allow those without smart TVs to stream matches. It will include virtual reality glasses and JioGlass for 360-degree viewing; its launch should come by end-of-month as part of Reliance’s strategy to take on global giants like Netflix and Walt Disney.

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The 2023 IPL season has been an impressive achievement for cricket fans. On Monday night’s final match between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans attracted 33 million concurrent viewers, surpassing Disney Star’s previous record by some margin. This success speaks to the tournament’s tremendous popularity as well as Jio’s live streaming rights for IPL matches.

JioCinema has been aggressively marketing their IPL streaming services and have launched a TV campaign starring MS Dhoni to highlight the advantages of watching matches online for free versus traditional television viewing. If the campaign succeeds in driving subscriber numbers for JioCinema it would be an incredible victory, potentially surpassing YouTube which boasts over 500 million monthly users in India while simultaneously taking on Viacom18 Voot which is plagued by issues like app crashes and poor streaming quality as an incumbent provider.

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MS Dhoni and Suryakumar Yadav star in JioCinema’s pan-India campaign that pokes fun at appointment viewing habits. Directed by award-winning ad filmmaker Amit Sharma, their TVC can be found playing out at an unassuming sweetmeats shop viewing an IPL match live digitally on digital.

JioCinema is banking on consumers shifting toward digital for their sports content consumption, expecting its digital viewership to surpass 500 million — surpassing Hotstar’s current numbers by far.

JioCinema provides fans with fan-centric features like free streaming, first-time ever 4K quality and commentary in 12 languages as well as multi-cam mode and stadium-like experience via VR/AR technology. According to the platform’s claims during IPL 2023 alone, session growth for JioCinema exceeded that of Disney+Hotstar by double. This surge can be attributed to immersive features giving fans unprecedented levels of autonomy during matches.

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IPL has once again captured audiences’ hearts like no other event has in years, after three years of Covid restrictions halted its development in stadiums. Millions of viewers are tuning in every week and its ad-supported model shows Indian audiences’ willingness to watch content in exchange for advertising.

JioCinema, owned by media giant Viacom18 and providing IPL matches online free-of-charge has already made waves within the industry.

JioCinema claims a potential reach of 500 million, which is impressive given India’s low data costs and relatively sluggish Internet connection speeds. If JioCinema can capture such an audience, it would give YouTube (the world’s leading video streaming service) some stiff competition in India and help expand subscriber growth while increasing revenue from advertising sales.

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IPL is one of the world’s most beloved sports, and its broadcast rights represent a marketing holy grail for Star India. However, this year has not been without challenges as Jio and challenging macroeconomic conditions have proved disruptive to their operations.

JioCinema has made the most of their new rights by streaming IPL matches for free – disrupting traditional television viewing habits and sparking digital power play. Furthermore, this has resulted in record peak concurrency and unique viewer numbers for this tournament.

MS Dhoni faces off against Hardik Pandya in a sweetmeats shop in a small-town setting as part of an advertisement by this company, in an amusing ad mocking appointment viewing and IPL digital viewership increasing exponentially compared to TV viewership. Over-the-top (OTT) advertising offers local brands an efficient means of reaching millions of local viewers at one go – an approach known as Over-The-Top Advertising or OTA for short.

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Consumers increasingly expect interactive services across lifestyle digital services, from scrolling and swiping the screen, pinching to zooming. Why should the TATA IPL continue to be watched passively?

Dhoni and Yadav appear in a small-town sweets shop as part of JioCinema’s campaign commercial, inviting passersby to join them and experience digital streaming of TATA IPL matches for free.

The TVC highlights TATA IPL digital offerings including free streaming, 4K streaming, commentary in 12 languages and multi-cam mode as well as an array of immersive fan experiences. Linear television is gradually disappearing in India’s viewing habits; therefore brands need to adapt accordingly. Now audiences can experience all 32 matches of TATA IPL digitally for the first time ever!

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