Seven Trends Shaping The Future Of Work In The Tech Industry

The workplace isn’t your home anymore like it once used to be. The dynamics have changed, and it’s an entirely different place with different possibilities. You can’t predict your workplace anymore, mainly after the infamous pandemic hit.


The pandemic initiated the mess in the industry like working from home was popularized, and even casual attire somehow came to the scenario, which had been the last thing in people’s minds. The other big mess was the job security.


However, the researcher’s take on this is different. It’s plausible that the pandemic might have triggered the change or at least sped up the process, but the real work was already done beforehand. Studies show that the ‘laid off’ were increased more after COVID-19 than during the pandemic.


This makes it crystal clear that some trends are changing in the industry that need to be reviewed in order to stay relevant. You can also turn on your fight mode to survive the wild changes in the tech industry.


Changes in the industry by technological advancement are too many to count. You’re not wrong if you think this might affect you in the near future, as it has already started to show its real colour.


In this blog, we’ll discuss the trends in detail to fasten our seat belts for a secure future.


Changes In The Workplace


Undoubtedly, there have been changes in the world due to many logical reasons, as we mentioned earlier, which have turned the workplace upside down. Let’s have a look at these trends that make some significant trends in the workplace dynamic in the tech world.

Artificial Intelligence Obsoleting Jobs


AI has been a hot topic for a while, but its recent rise has led people to think whether it’s really a good thing for the world. We can’t deny the fact that AI is taking over the world by storm, and rightfully so; its powerful processing and unimaginable speed are making work super easy and hassle-free. However, AI often comes with a negative connotation because of the way it is kicking out people from the industry.


Since the advent of AI-based solutions, many jobs have been outdated. That is simply because AI is readily available for clerical jobs like cashier. There are apps and AI-based solutions that can do it for free in literally no time. From nursing assignment writing services to clerical jobs, they are highly at risk.


Hybrid and Remote Work Is New Normal


Open up LinkedIn, and it’s likely that you’ll find threads discussing this hybrid and remote culture. This is because the workplace is changing, and many people think that binding people to their seats in the office isn’t really productive. On the contrary, employees should also have to be in touch to achieve an effective outcome.


Workplaces are already working on the hybrid model, while others have shifted to remote settings to make things productive. Since employees work in the comfort of their homes, they are less stressed, which helps in their retention. While many companies have already been implementing the idea of hybrid and remote work, the pandemic has accelerated the idea around the globe.


Reducing Working Days Is A New Debate


While the working model is in consideration, another topic that is in the discussion globally is the working days and hours policy. Employees have to work for at least 40 hours a week, and that can be the reason for the stress toll on their lives.


Many big firms are flirting with the idea of reducing the working days by 4 but with the same amount of productivity and results. This ‘sort of’ experiment yielded satisfactory results since people had more power over their lives by an extra 24 hours in their weekend schedule. This will surely be in the headlines in a couple of years.


Hollowing out Middle Positions Is A Thing


In the past few years, we have seen a sharp decrease in middle-level jobs. Some menial tasks can now quickly be done through simple AI-based solutions. This has triggered many employees as their job security is breached.


For now, many basic-level jobs with little to no analytical involvement are in danger. Many clerks, cashiers, medical thesis writing services, consultancy service providers, and receptionist jobs have been replaced by automated solutions already. If you’re someone with such a job, it’s likely for you to be swapped by a bot soon.


Besides the apparent reason, employees are scared that this would kick out most of the humans from companies. While it’s a far-fetched idea, we can’t deny that this could be part of the near future.

Inception Of New Job Profiles


While there is a decrease in the menial jobs at any organization, there is a rise in the analytical involvement of humans since you can’t rely on a soulless bot. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of profiles like Data scientists, Robotics engineers and many more, which were never heard by humans before.


Since the future belongs to AI, the data has to be fetched by superpower computers but in the supervision of employees with command over the language and domain. These job profiles are in the news and will have more importance in the future, especially in the tech industry.


Changing Norms In Standard Employment

There was a time, not more than a decade ago, when people used to reach their workplace by 9 and check out at 5 sharp. This was the norm a few years ago. But those 9-5 jobs have now been majorly switched with non-standard employment, including freelancing, part-time work, flexible working hours and more.


Because the gig world graph has been steep, especially after the pandemic, people are shifting toward such employment.


Not just people but companies prefer part-time employees or consultants to help them with their flexible timings. This idea works in favour of companies since they have to pay a fraction of the amount as compared to a full-time employee. This will cause the employment opportunities to decrease significantly.

Striking Decrease In Employment Benefits


With the rise of the gig world, manipulation is also on the rise. While you can choose your flexible working hours and work in the comfort of your home as a freelancer or a part-time employee, the opportunity cost here is the benefits.


Companies are in a win-win situation since they have to pay less while there is no concept of perks. Health insurance, allowances and many other benefits aren’t in the story anymore. This gig economy is somehow vanishing the concept of benefits as you’re only compensated with a minimum amount.


What’s Next?

This is just the beginning of something bigger. The crux is that changes are inevitable. The world goes through changes that impact the workplace as well. It’s time we gear up with the newest technology and master some skills to survive this abrupt change.

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