When And How To Wear Pearl Stone?

There are just a few gemstones that can compare to pearl stone in terms of oozing shine, appeal, and drool-worthy beauty. The Original Moti gemstone, also known as Moti stone in India, is highly prized and praised for its scarcity, exorbitant price, and use across several industry sectors.

The original pearl stone is praised for its enormous astrological advantages as well. It is usually thought that holding a natural, superb pearl stone can provide great mental calm and tranquility. Moreover, if the Moon is positioned favorably in a wearer’s horoscope, a pearl gem is said to reduce the Moon’s malefic effects and provide a wearer with many advantages. The important question that emerges in this situation is how to wear Natural Moti stone properly and effectively to get the most out of it.

In this Blog, we are going to explain to our readers, that When And How To Wear the beautiful Pearl Stone? So read this blog for full Astrological based information.

How To Wear A Pearl (Moti) Gemstone

Consult an Experienced and skilled astrologer before purchasing and wearing a moti to get the greatest and most astrological benefits possible, and then wear it according to their instructions. Let’s go through the main steps for donning pearl gemstone jewelry, as well as important considerations.

Note:- if you wanna know more about the Moti or pearl so you can read this blog where you can get all the details regarding this and also get to know the astrological benefits of pearl:- How Moti Stone improves the life

In Which Finger Pearl (Moti) To Be Worn In

Wearing your Moti on the little finger of your right hand, which is your working hand, is advised for best performance. Therefore, if you purchase a ring, it is best to wear it on the little finger. However, if you purchase any other pearl jewelry, such as a pendant, earring, or bracelet, make sure the pearl touches your skin directly so that you may benefit from all of its healing properties.

On which Day & Time Pearl (Moti) be Worn

For the greatest outcomes, astrologers advise wearing a pearl on Monday between the hours of 5 and 7 in the morning.

In Which Metal You Can Wear Your Pearl (Moti)

When it comes to metal, it is strongly advised to combine a Real Moti stone with silver. However, depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose various metals such as gold, white gold, platinum, brass, or Pachdhatu.

Purification of Pearl (Moti)

Your gemstone goes through several processes before arriving at your doorstep, from extraction to doorstep delivery, and as a result, it acquires several external imprints and impurities. Therefore, it is crucial to properly cleanse the gem before wearing it through the right Vedic method to get rid of such imprints and pollutants. Put your Moti in a clean metal dish and add some holy Ganga Jal and fresh cow milk to it for this. After leaving it for 20 to 30 minutes, remove it and wash it with plain water. Use a gentle, clean piece of cloth to wipe the stone clean.

Activation Or Energization of Pearl (Moti)

Since you haven’t electrified your gemstone in a while, it is just a regular stone. As a result, a gemstone’s activation and energization processes are equally crucial. Therefore, activate your Natural Moti stone by laying it on a clean cloth and chanting the auspicious mantra “Om Son Sonmay Namaha” 108 times to gain all of its benefits. You are now ready to wear your pearl jewelry.

Where to buy Precious Pearl

The Beautiful Pearl is a gemstone of people born in June. This gem is so Mesmerizing that anyone’s eye catches this Precious Moti. Now this beautiful Moti can buy online Stores like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. They are the Loose gemstone wholesaler and they provide all kinds of gemstones like Ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, moonstone, red coral, yellow sapphire and so many precious and semi-precious gemstones at the best prices with the certificate of authenticity.

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