Filing a Maritime Lawsuit – A Brief Guide

If you are planning on boarding a cruise ship, then you should know what to do if you were to fall ill or get injured on the cruise ship. Most people don’t know that they can actually hire a maritime lawyer and file a lawsuit if they are injured on a cruise ship. 

Here is what to know about maritime lawyers and getting injured on a cruise ship. 

What Do Maritime Lawyers Do?

You might have heard about maritime law, but do you really know what a maritime lawyer does? Despite being maritime lawyers, these lawyers usually don’t go out in the sea. This part of their job is taken care of by surveyors who go out if there is a maritime casualty. Rarely do maritime lawyers go out to take witness statements from the crew of the vessel. 

Nonetheless, if someone gets injured while they are offshore, they can get in touch with a maritime lawyer who can help the victim get the rightful compensation for the pain and suffering they experienced on the cruise ship. 

How Much Time Do You Have to File a Maritime Lawsuit?

When it comes to maritime casualties that need the services of a maritime lawyer, it is mainly related to a cruise ship injury. In the case of a cruise ship injury, the first thing that the lawyer will look at is the ticket. The ticket will tell two things: it will tell how long you have to follow your lawsuit, and it will tell you where you have to follow your lawsuit. 

Under the general maritime law rules, you generally have three years to file your claim if you are injured. However, most cruise ships tend to limit the statute limitations to one year. This aspect indicates that it would be better if you were to file your lawsuit within one year of the injury.

Also, most cruise lines have a provision that you must place them on written notice within six months of the time you are injured. 

What Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Maritime Lawsuit?

Suppose you have been on a cruise ship and sustained an injury; there are several things that you should avoid when filing a lawsuit. For instance, you shouldn’t make the mistake of holding on for too long or solely relying on a private investigator for your security and to get a better picture of what happened on the cruise ship.Also, most cruise lines have a provision that you must place them on written notice within six months of the time you are injured.  

In some cases, you are required to file a lawsuit within six months, and in other cases, you have three years to file a lawsuit. The best thing you can do is to hire a maritime lawyer and let them handle the case for you instead of wasting time. 

Also, avoid exaggerating the injury or the incident. Always stick to the truth because, in the end, the truth is the only thing that prevails. Telling lies and exaggerating your pain and suffering will do you no good but only harm the case.

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